Young Scientists Network (YSN)

The Young Scientists Network (YSN) in the Lundbeck Foundation Research Initiative on Brain Barriers and Drug Delivery (RIBBDD) is a network for master students, PhD students, assistant researchers and postdocs, connected to the research initiative. The goal is to create an interdisciplinary research platform from the different themes and to establish a stronger social connection between the young researchers in our research initiative.

The network is working on establishing different kinds of workshops, seminars and PhD courses. The first kick off meeting was held 6th February, 2014 in Aalborg.

Upcoming events held by the Young Scientists Network

There are no upcoming events at this time.

Great ideas for workshops and seminars are always welcome!

If you would like to take an active share in the network, please contact your representative for further information. Representatives from each work package form a steering group to arrange the workshops etc., and they are:

  • Serhii Kostrikov from WP1: Development of drug delivery systems, PI Thomas Andersen, DTU
  • Sarah Christine Christensen WP2: In vitro investigations of brain endothelial cell receptor internalization and trafficking pathways, PI Morten S. Nielsen, AU
  • Maj Schneider Thomsen from WP3: In vivo monitoring of nanocarrier transport and therapy in the brain, PI Torben Moos, AAU
  • Krzysztof Kucharz from WP4: Signalling at the NVU and BBB control, PI Martin Lauritzen, UCPH
  • Charlotte Andersen from WP5: In vitro models of the neurovascular unit, PI Birger Brodin, UCPH