The need for new treatments of neurological diseases is growing with the increasing lifespan of the human population. Typically, therapeutic drugs are administered orally or by intravenous injection. However, the passage of blood solutes into the brain is tightly regulated by the blood-brain barrier (BBB). Only molecules of relatively small size enter the human brain by simple and passive diffusion or via membrane transport proteins. As a result, many potentially useful therapeutic agents are clinically ineffective because they cannot cross the BBB.

The aim of the Lundbeck Foundation Research Initiative on Brain Barriers and Drug Delivery (RIBBDD) is to provide new tools for drug delivery across the BBB. Our multidisciplinary research program combines research on drug transport systems with research on BBB function and the neurovascular unit, the cells most closely associated with the brain endothelium.

Our vision is to provide high quality research that will help patients with neurological disorders live a better life.